HiOA, Oslo & UNArte, Bucharest in ERASMUS Program

Art&Design Group Exhibition
by collaboration between UNA and HiOA

Organisator: University of Arts Bucharest (UNA) in Romania and the Association of Artist UAP in Bucharest, department DESIGN in colaboration with HiOA, OSLO

Galeria 15 Design, Hanul cu Tei, Str. Blanari 5-7 Bucharest
20 – 30 Iunie 2016
Participants from Romania, UNA: Dorina Horatau – Visual Artist, Claudia Musat – Textile Artist, Ioana Avram – Fashion Designer, Viorica Sladescu – Textile Designer, Alexandra Rusu – Textile Artist, Cosmin Paulescu – Visual Artist

Participants from Norway, HiOA: Marina Stan – Painting and Assamblage, Lillegerd Hansen – Design and Assamblage, Anne Jensen – Graphic Art, Didrich Magnus Andersen – Illustration and Graphic, Kirsten Klæbo – Digital Art


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